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 Deck Construction Tips

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PostSubject: Deck Construction Tips   Fri Jan 09, 2009 11:16 pm

This is my first big article....hope this helps all newbies as well as Advanced duelists out there....

Q.) What Makes an Awesome Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck?

# Here's a hint. It isn't a monster with 3000 Attack. A powerful Yu-Gi-Oh! deck is one that has the following things going for it.

# Strong four-star monsters.
# A way to summon tribute monsters without having to tribute.
# A way to draw extra cards.
# 40 cards, max it upto 50. (lesser cards, more chance to have your best cards out fast, you can have above 50, but wont help u that much)
# Cards that let you search your deck for other cards.
# Creatures that summon other creatures when they're destroyed.
# Cards that can wipe out your opponent's monsters, traps and spells.

I. Don’t use more then 50 cards in your deck

A lot of new players make this mistake of having way too many cards. Some play with huge stacks of deck and call it a “stall”. Sitting there and hoping your opponent runs out of cards before you do isn’t a “stall” deck. Using an Exodia or Burn Stall can work if you want to stall. But with 50+ cards, you’ll never draw the ones you need when you can use them effectively.

II. Don’t use too many tributes

In most Beatdown/Control decks, Jinzo and Fiend Megacyber are the best tributes to use. Both only require one monster to sacrifice, and both have great effects that can seriously limit your opponent. Airknight Parshath is a close 3rd, and is still used in many Speed decks.
Never use non-effect tributes. That’s my opinion only, but I just don’t see the use. Blue-Eyes might work, but only in Dragon decks. Think of it this way, would you sack for an Amphibian Beast or a Jinzo?

III. Use a theme

Throwing lots of cards together won’t make a deck. Using Guardian monsters when you don’t have their equips is just silly… come to think of it, using Guardians is silly. But use cards that work together. If you want Hand Disruption, use cards like Robbin Goblin and Confiscation that play off each other. If your deck has weaknesses, switch in cards that protect those, or minimize them

IV. Keep the Monster Card to Magic/Trap Card ratio at 1 : 1

The building blocks of your Deck are the Monster Cards. No matter how many powerful Magic or Trap Cards you have, no monsters on the field means you've got nothing to defend your Life Points. A general rule of thumb is that roughly half of your Deck should be made up of monsters. Therefore, if you've got a Deck of 40 cards, around 18-20 should be Monster Cards

V. Try to analyze enemy deck in the duel

usually after 2-3 turns you can get idea what deck your enemy use, and try to beat that deck in next duel (if you have lose), soon enough you'll become deck analyzer (you can know what deck your enemy use in 1-2 turns ^^)

Also have faith, learn from your enemy, and BELIEVE IN HEART OF THE CARDs...


Be Prepared to get REAPED to HELL !!!!!

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Number of posts : 130
Age : 32
Registration date : 2008-11-22

PostSubject: Re: Deck Construction Tips   Fri Jan 09, 2009 11:17 pm

Pretty much many people here are not getting their strategy right....moreso using cards that are hardly in accordance to ur strategy...So jus read the above article and few more tips here to really understand how to get a good deck...

1.) See the monsters you use....Ansatsu is 1700 ATK level 5 EARTH monster while Gemini Elf is a 1900 ATK level 4 EARTH montster....so its better to have Elf in ur deck....
Similarly why have Panther Warrior (2000 ATK, requires a tribute to atk) when u can have ELF(1900 ATK, normal monster) jus 100 atk less.

2.) I see many players getting distracted by a killer combo and forgetting that you have to draw the combo for it to work (and in some cases you have to draw the combo in a specific order) One of the keys to winning yugioh is a balanced deck. The last thing you want is to have a handful of monsters and no magic or trap cards or to have a hand full of spells and no monsters to use with them

3.) Pretty much 100% of your monsters should be effect monsters.
Monster removal is also a key element in yugioh, old favorites like Fissure are still useful and newer favorites like sakuretsu armor are really nice. having monster removal ready for use in any situation is usually a good thing, however, having a hand full of monster removal when what you need is a card that can lock down the game or search for a monster, etc., etc. is bad.

Generally speaking though a deck can't handle being full of cards other than monster removal . . . think about it, if all you have were trap destruction cards like Mystical Space Typhoon your opponent would eventually keep his field presence and crush you into dust (he may only have a few cards in his hand compared to your full hand but he'll still win).

Draw power is another important element to yugioh . . . players like to have at least three cards in their hand at all times in an effort to prepare for any opponent strategy. With the popularity of cards like Robbin' Goblin (way back in Metal Raiders days) the game has seen a constant struggle

Be Prepared to get REAPED to HELL !!!!!

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Deck Construction Tips
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