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 Frequently Asked Questions

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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions   Mon Jan 19, 2009 6:26 pm

ALL your question about the league will be answered here

· How do i register for the League?

You can visit our homepage and click on "REGISTER"

· I have someone else in my home who wants to register for the league, is that ok?

You can..but both of you cannot play against each other. Anyone that reports wins and losses with the same IP is considered cheating.

· I just finish Registration, when will my account be activated?

Registration is immediate. You will have received an email from our team.

· What are rules for Dueling?

The Rules are as followed:

Before Beginning a Duel,
Both Duelist must agree to Duel (Single Duel or Match Duel)
Duelist who doesn't report there loss will get a warning. 3 offense and you will be banned
Any Rule Updates will be edited in this post.

· How Do I Play a Duel?

Log into the Chatroom(Click on HOME link above). Once in the channel you can find someone to duel, ask them if they want a ladder duel,
Make challenge, after you finish a ladder Duel, The Loser must report the loss.

· I loss a Duel, How do I Report a Loss?

To Report a loss: Make sure you are logged in.
1. select winner's name from the ladder.
2. select report a loss.
3. Enter kills, 1-0, 2-1, 2-0 watevr .

· I won a Duel, How Do I Confirm a Win?

How to confirm a win:
After the loser has reported, the winner automatically gets the win.
There is no headache of confirmation since the challenge is already made.

· I won a Duel, But my opponent ran away..didnt report?

Well...this might happen when there are some unfair cheaters out there...
Since you already made the challenge...u can keep the hamachi log's SCREEN-SHOT and your endgame SCREENSHOTS or RECORDINGS...issue a ticket on the same explaining your situation. Upload the screenshots at imageshack or photobucket...or anywhere else...and paste the link in your ticket.
Admin or referee will judge the situation and will take their decision.

Have fun...keep dueling...have any question ...post it here

Be Prepared to get REAPED to HELL !!!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions
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