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The website and forums are our online home. Treat them even better than you would treat your own home. Do not post inappropriate material, or write words you know will cause other people offense. As a community we are also strongly anti-hacking.

a) Forum Spam.
If you spam the website with meaningless posts the admins will simple delete your posts. We do appreciate you posting, but spam can cause problems.

b) Access to restricted areas.
MZC is not a secret society, but there are some sensitive areas of the website to which only the MZC members have access too.

c) Hacking and website abuse.
If you are found to have hacked any area of our website you will be kicked from the Fed and IP banned, all information will be taken seriously. You will also be kicked if found hacking any other website, we are against all hackers.

d) Offensive material and language.
Do not use offensive language, profuse swearing or post inappropriate images or video (etc) on the forums. Keep the forums clean as we have young people looking at our pages. If you post something inappropriate it will be moderated. If you keep posting inappropriate things you will be given a warning at first and then more severe punishments if you continue.

e) Sharing Accounts.
Do not share your account with anyone, if found doing so you will be banned from MZC.
We've had banned members using "Friends" account in MZC to PM or view certain parts of the forums that they shouldn't have access to
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