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     Goths - Infantry and Anti-Archer Civilization

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    PostSubject: Goths - Infantry and Anti-Archer Civilization   Sat Jun 12, 2010 3:31 pm

    With the Vikings and Teutons, the Goths are one of the civilizations belonging to the Eastern and Northern European culture. Their major advantage is their strong infantry. The Goths are able to build infantries at a cheaper cost. Their unique unit is the Huskarl, a very strong infantry unit. They are very cheap as they do not cost gold, and they are nearly immune to archer units.


    Goth's are an attacking civilization. Build four barracks on either side of the enemy's walls. The Huskarl can bring down any building, and they are cheap. They can be produced at an incredible rate. From two barracks create Pikes and from other two Huskarls. Huskarls can take out buildings while the Pikes take out the siege and other units. Remember to do this on the flanks (either side of the enemy). Keep on creating the units and simultaneously create five Trebuchets and you're all set to defeat your enemy. But always remember you need to advance ages quicker, and do the unique research. Also you must attack the enemy first; if it's the other way around, it will be much harder. Build at least four castles in your base and eight barracks.


    It is also possible to defend with the Goths. You must defend at chokepoints on the map, or, if none are available, your only hope is to box your enemy within his own base. Building a castle or two just before the chokepoint or enemy base to provide cover for infantry is a lethal defense which will keep enemies at bay. When playing with the Goths it's vital to keep your economy up and running and you'll need anywhere between 75-90 villagers, keeping in mind that the Goths have a +10 cap. If you keep your barracks queues full with rally points just before your castles, you'll be able to hold out against any attack, since the rate at which the Goths train infantry are higher than any other civilization. Just make sure you build 8-14 barracks behind the castles to keep your numbers up. Since the Goths have cheaper infantry, you can afford to lose the numbers, and the battles will still work out cheaper for you, especially when using Pikemen against the Persian elite war elephants or Paladins. When you run into archers, switch to Huskarls, or play with mixed units for the best effect.

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    Goths - Infantry and Anti-Archer Civilization
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