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PostSubject: TOURNAMENT RULES   TOURNAMENT RULES Icon_minitime1Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:34 am

These rules are limited to only those most necessary to ensure smooth play and to prevent or decide possible disputes. In all cases, the MaZeCity Staff will have the final decision.

1. Must be a MazeCity Member to take part in any tournament.
2. ANY Discrepancy must be posted within the respective tourney post in the tournament FORUM only. Posts not related to the respective tourney shall be deleted.
3. Tournament Specific rules shall be posted in th 1st post of the tourney.

Game Settings

The game in use will be Age of Empires: The Conquerors with the latest patch (currently version 1.0C).

No Co-oping.

No Cheats.

No Full Tech Tree.

All MaZeCity Games must be recorded.
The home team is responsible for recording the game and uploading the recorded game to the forum after the match. If the recorded file is corrupted (for example after save game), it is recommended (at least with disputes during or at the end of a game) to make screenshots.

The use of any kind of cheats, hacks, is not permitted and will be punished severely.
The goal of the League is to ensure fair play and fun for all participants. Abusive tactics, such as hunt deleting or building excessive walls near settlements/gold mines, are not permitted.

If a team is absent or doesn't play the match till the stipulated time, they'll be disqualified. Admin Decision shall be final.
Other teams are requested to keep proofs.

How to Deal With Problems

A. Handling Lag:

Any Players foreseeing lag problems should turn all graphics options to the lowest possible settings before the start of a game.

If a game begins to lag badly, pause and try to fix any possible problems. All players should turn down graphics settings to the minimum. Players should close all outside applications that might slow performance. If there is no improvement, both Clans can agree to restart the game.

If one Clan deems the lag playable, and does not want to restart, the game must be continued. If a Clan Operator suspects an opponent is "laming" by choosing to play through terrible lag just to annoy or force a resign, they should play out the game, then report it to the MaZeCity Staff.
If one clan is clearly winning when the lag begins, they can opt to post the game for an administrative decision rather than restart or continue. Any admin decision in this case will be final.

B. Handling Drops:

If a player's connection aborts, the game must be restored (restarted, if game lasted less than 10 minutes). If one team's connection aborts three times in an attempt to play a game, the game is automatically lost.
All saved games must be restored within 20 minutes.
If the game cannot be restored due to technical reasons, then the game is automatically lost by the the clan with the technical difficulties. Exception: If the losing clan was clearly ahead at the time the game crashed they may petition the MaZeCity Staff to decide.

C. Handling Map Bugs:

If a serious map bug - distinct factors that would adversely affect one Clan outside of their control - is discovered in the first 5 minutes of the game, a Clan may demand a restart.
The recorded game must be submitted to the MaZeCity Staff for verification. If no such bug existed, or if it is determined that the restart was demanded for other reasons, the Clan will receive an administrative loss.
If a map bug is discovered after 5 minutes, the game may not be restarted on account of it.
If you have any questions about the rules, please feel free to contact a MaZeCity Staff member at any time. Good luck and have fun!

Thanks to RTS_League for the How to Deal with problems text

Be Prepared to get REAPED to HELL !!!!!

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